Top 10 Signs You Are Spending Too Much Time in the Craft Room plus BLOG CANDY!

     I have always found comfort and strength in finding the humor in some (not all) of the stressful times of my life.  This past week, I seemed to have hit a wall of exhaustion with regard to the amount of time and energy I was devoting to work, home and my design team commitments. From reading other's blogs, I seem NOT to be the only one!  While I could not run away from home or quit my job (which at times was very tempting), it left my craft time as the only place I could cut back!  As a result, I had to step down from several dt commitments.
     I want to say that working with the team at Just Inklined has been wonderful. I have been inspired and challenged in new ways to create a project or present one of their many fun, edgy and beautiful digi images!  The girls are incredibly talented and so very funny - making my decision all the more difficult. For all they are, I want to say "thank you" from the bottom of my heart!
     I started this post on the topic of humor and  in the moments I thought about stepping down and afterward, I found myself thinking some of these funny (I think) little quips that soooo characterized my life these past few months.  I share these here with you so that you, too, may "find yourself" and have a little giggle at the ones that are so you.

Top Ten Signs You Are Spending Too Much Time in the Craft Room

1. You frequent the Emergency Room once a week to have shards of German Glass Glitter removed from your fingertips.
2.  Your children's (or grandchildren's) shoelaces are tied with dyed seam binding, AND in a double loopy bow.
3.  You don't recall the last time you slept longer than 5 hours or at night or in bed!
4.  You would rather run out of gas on a deserted highway at night than run out of adhesive.
5.  Your favorite "recipes" involve glimmer mists, spellbinder dies and flower soft.
6.  A "good deal" on mulberry flowers excites you more than a dozen long-stemmed roses from your hubby.
7. Hubby?  Who is that?
8. The only daylight you see comes from the bulb on your desk lamp.
9. You confess to have attempted to cut the cucumbers for the dinner salad on your Tonic guillotine paper cutter.
and number 10.....
10.  You've spent more money on your craft room than your daughter's wedding, son's college education and new car...combined!

And now... It's Your Turn to win Blog Candy!

    For a chance to WIN THE BLOG CANDY ABOVE, PLEASE ADD ONE OF YOUR BEST "SIGNS THAT YOU ARE SPENDING TOO MUCH TIME IN THE CRAFT ROOM" in the comments section by midnight (EST) FRIDAY, JUNE 1st.  You do not have to become a follower unless you want to. You do not have to post the candy on your blog unless you want to!  You can add as many comments as you want, as often as you want!
     The winner of the blog candy will be randomly selected and announced June 2nd. The full list of comments will be published on this blog on the same day. (Blog candy includes a MS Edge Punch, Glitz 8x8 paper pad, Pink by Design "Inner Princess" Sentiment Stamps, and package of Prima Marketing Labels.)
     They say "Laughter is the best medicine" and I agree!   Can't wait to read and share your comments.  Have a great day!

Chris x said...

Oh I found this so funny and so true.
I will think of one and get back to you, though I should really reel of four or five instantly! lol
Take Care
Hugs and smiles
Chris xxx

Teresa said...

Good morning Ann Marie,
I confess I had a good giggle at these, knowing some of them I do myself lol.
Probably the worst thing I have done is when I drove my Son (who's 30) to hospital with a suspected broken arm but drove completely past the hospital without thinking and headed for Hobby Craft which is the next stop...Oops! I think my car was on autopilot!
I'm not usually a bad Mum honest...Hugs Teresa xx

angelwhispers said...

Ann Marie this is just superb and how true for us crafty people!

The one that popped into my Head was on my Craft Class night I came home and my husbands lip was really swollen and he thought he should go to hospital but I needed to go crafting so I told him it wasn't that bad and take some pain killers!!

Off I went a crafting only to come home to well a "Monster" which I hastily took to A & E (feeling rather quilty) and let me tell you he always brings it up for some reason!!!! lol

Love Chanelle xx

Vidette said...

SIGNS THAT YOU ARE SPENDING TOO MUCH TIME IN THE CRAFT ROOM when you have listened to all the past crafting podcasts and the new ones don't come out for a week.

Carla S. said...

This is so funny, Ann Marie! I'm going to have to save it for another chuckle later! A sign that I am spending too much time crafting is that I know more intimate details of the lives of a hundred on-line crafting friends than I know of my real life friends, family and neighbors!
Thanks for the fun post and the chance to win! Take it easy!

Moosisk said...

A sign that I am spending too much time crafting is that I have to wade through all my supplies in my craft room and then dig around to find what I need. Then go back to the dining room to continue crafting which is where I have to go since I can't find a spot to craft in my CRAFT ROOM. Who has time to organize when I NEED to craft!!! LOL Thanks for a chance to win some blog candy. :D

Velda said...

You have been spending too much time in your craft room if someone asks where your best friends live and you realize they all live in a cyber craft room.

Kimberly S. said...

OMG....this is HILARIOUS!!! I related to SEVERAL of these things!! Signs that I'm spending too much time in my craft room are: #1 - I get so engrossed with whatever craft I'm making that I have to set an alarm on my phone to go pick up the kids from school....and I've STILL almost left them at school several times because "I just HAVE to finish this now!", #2 - I don't want to leave my craft room to eat dinner or go to the park with my kids and hubby, #3 - my hubby knows that he NEVER needs to go shopping for a gift for me anymore because all I ever want are craft supplies, #4 - whenever my birthday/Mother's day/anniversary/Christmas comes along, I am SO excited because I ALWAYS get new crafting supplies, and #5 - my kids always know where to find my craft room!!

Sazzle said...

I'm not admitting any of the above officer - it wasn't me honest!!!!

Signs that I've spent too much time in the craft room is that the local take away is on redial, I'm on first name terms with them and they know my order without having to ask me - oops (blush) :-)

My other half is just as bad as me though with his hobby and we both get carried away with time so he can't blame me - phew got away with that one!

Thanks for the fab candy and a great laugh.

xx Happy crafting and glittery hugs xx


Donna S said...

I also can relate to everything said. I know I am spending way too much time in the craft room when the wash is piling over the laudry basket, there are 3 days of dirty dishes in the sink because I didn't have time to do them and the dust bunnies are multiplying and growing! (Might be an interesting page in that somewhere) Donna

Denimo said...

Hi Ann Marie. I hit upon your blog as I was entering the CMC Copic Challenge and took a bit of time to look around. How fabulous is your blog? I love your style and your projects are just great. And I'm lucky enough to get in on some yummy candy!! Thanks so much for the fun blog stop! BTW... my best sign that I'm crafting too much is what the rest of my house looks like. Ewwwwwww... :)

Jan Garber said...

HAHA! I know I have spent too much time in my scrap room when lunchtime has long come and gone and my stomach is growling... and I hear the front door opening and my husband coming home from work! OOPS!

Vannessa said...

When you have to get special clothes you only wear in your studio. Because even the "good" clothes you own have glue and ink spots and glitter on them:)

Mema's Crafts said...

Hi Anne, I just found your blog and came upon your blog candy. This is hilarious and I love it. I know I'm spending to much time in the craftroom because every phone in my home is in the craftroom. I don't want to leave the room to answer the phone and the one that belongs in my craftroom is lost somewhere under my stuff. I can hear it but not see it so I just run and grab another one and keep it in the room with me until it too becomes smothered by stuff. Clean up you time..must craft.

Kleine85 said...

Oh wow, that's so funny. My fave is:
5. Your favorite "recipes" involve glimmer mists, spellbinder dies and flower soft. It fits... *lol*

Your candy is awesome! Thanks so much for the chance to win.

Hugs. Tanja

Karina said...

Hi Anne Marie, I had a good laugh reading through your 10 signs and the ones the commenter added. And I really found myself in the one and another... Well, and I spend too much time in my craft room when I see in my dreams what card I am doing next...
Thank you so much for the chance to win this yummy candy.
Hugs, Karina

franzesjoi said...

this is sooo true!!! LOL :) ahh crafter lover had this signs! i was guilty in #3.. ahhh il sleep at 3am and will wake up 6am... sometimes didnt sleep because i have to take my 2 sons in school..

my other confession was --- i will stay/keep in my old clothes, shoes, no parlor, no facial treatment because i save my money for the another tools in crafting.. argggh but happy to have new tools, feeling complete!! :) LOL

Lorianna said...

Hi AnnMarie!!
ALL soooooo true!!
I am begining to find myself at wits end sometimes!
But Thanks so much for the chuckle!

I used to say my crafting is cheaper than Therapy, !! But my credit cards don't think so!!! LOL

Another is,
You know when your spending too much time in the craft room, when the dog even knows where to find you!!

franzesjoi said...

its better to stay at home and stick to your crafts... must have the latest stamps than the latest bags and shoes... argghh!

Anonymous said...

Good evening dear Ann-Marie,

i just laughed about 5 minutes very loudly :-)))))

these sentences are really the truth!!! *lol* :-)

my favourite one is:

1. You frequent the Emergency Room once a week to have shards of German Glass Glitter removed from your fingertips

ok i have also an own one :-):
11. You don't say "I love you to your love" - you stamp it on the head :-)))))))

have a nice day an many greetings from germany :-)))

hope to win this georgeous price!!!


loulou said...

Hilarious and totally true.
I know that I'm spending too much time in the craft room (and definitely too absorbed in making creative mess) is when my husband comes in and has to pick up at least half a dozen coffee cups with various levels of what was once coffee but is now some bacterial lab experiment. I don't think I have drunk a full cup of coffee in my craft room ever - far too busy.
Cheers Linda

Love your blog you are definitely the queen of colouring.

Sisters Craft Cafe said...

Your 10 signs are too funny. Love the 1st one.

Mine is I love to keep cleaning and rearrange my craft room than cleaning the other rooms.

sisterscraftcafe at gmail dot com

Shari said...

Ann-Marie, I really enjoyed this post and I related to soooo many of the 10 resons you noted, LOL - guess that means I spend too much time in my craft room too!

Per your queston, SIGNS THAT YOU ARE SPENDING TOO MUCH TIME IN THE CRAFT ROOM: I have a few I guess, when you forget to eat lunch and dinner in the same day you know you have been crafting too long + when the fur babies sit outside your craft room door crying(as I have them blocked out so they wont eat my scraps or glitter that fell on the floor)and they really want to go out to pee LOL + when your craft room is the first (and sometimes only) room you clean & organize on a regular basis so you know where everything is for the next project!

Thanks so much for the chance to win this AWESOME candy. Fingers Crossed!


Kasey ~ in Oz said...

What you talkin' 'bout? You can never spend too much time in your craft room!

Although the family could think you do I suppose.

Loved this post Ann Marie, got a few giggles reading it and I am sure I'm in denial!

Kasey ~ in Oz

Kasey ~ in Oz said...

You could say I'm in denial, but....what you talkin' 'bout? Spend too much time in the craft room? NEVER!

Loved your post Ann Marie. I figure I'm too late for your candy, but that's ok.

Kasey ~ in Oz

Patty Sue 2 said...

I have laughed over this and the common connections we all have. Mine would be that I can stick to my diet because I cant' leave my craft room to eat.

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