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Q: What medium do you most work with?
A: I work primarily with Copic Sketch Markers- I have the entire set and I love to experiment with colors- even the Fluorescent ones. While you can purchase them in many places, the large majority of my markers were purchase at Carpe Diem Art in California. They offer the best prices and free shipping on larger quantities. They also sell all other alcohol markers, refills, accessories etc.  See my extensive resources on my Pinterest page. There are copic tutorial videos, pdf's, color combinations from all over the web! HERE

Q: What cardstock/paper do you use for coloring with copic markers?
A: I have tried about ten different papers recommended for copics. Most work well, but my issue is  what some of these paper do to my markers after continued use. Suzanne Dean and Alyce Keegan (Kit and Clowder) helped me learn that some of the papers, while good, have a coating that can "yuk up" (my term) your marker nibs and cause your work to look blotchy.  So, my top choices for copic paper are Make It Colour Blending Card & Xpress It Blending Card by Paper Temptress. Alyce has listed ALL PAPERS for various mediums (watercolor, copics and pencils) HERE at!new/e2j1a

Q: I have never worked with copic markers before. How would you suggest I begin?
There are many sites the will show you good "starter sets". They usually include sets of 3 markers in the same color family. Why 3? Well you usually begin with a light, medium and dark shade so you can achieve the 3D look you see on many colored images.  So, you might see a set of 3 Red, Pinks, Greens, etc.  If your budget does not allow you to purchase sets of 3 of each color at one time,  purchase 2 - a light and dark- and with the right instruction, you can achieve similar results with just two markers. See my "resources" section below for some great color choices AND great print and online instruction!  Check out my PINTEREST page for great tutorials - I have also listed the links below for easy access!

Q:  How can I learn to color my images with copics? There are no classes near where I live! 
A:  I took all the ONLINE classes I could at Suzanne Dean which is no longer available.I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Online Classes with ALYCE KEEGAN of Kit and Clowder. There are classes with full pdf and video tutorials on various topics (coloring hair and skin, clothing etc) as well as monthly classes. Check out the site HERE.  With each class, I received tons of printable, color pdf's to download or print (I printed them and made a binder for each class so I could refer to it when needed) AND, best of all, I had access to excellent, step-by-step videos that I could watch when I wanted over and over again for all the topics in that class. There are beginner, intermediate and advanced classes as well as "specialty" classes such as working with Distress Inks, Prisma Pencils, Coloring Shadows, Grass, Water.  Then you have to practice, practice and practice some more but you can do it!  There are other print resources that are just incredible and I list them below in the "Resource" section.

Q: What cardstock do you use for your card base?
A: I use  CutCardstock - It is a 12" cardstock package.  I use Crystal (white) and Opal (offwhite) Stardust Metallic cardstock. It holds tons of embellishments without bending.  It also creases beautifully for such a nice weight cardstock.

Q: How do you print your DIGI STAMPS? What printer and paper do you use?
A:  I love digi stamps as they allow me to buy a lot of them without the stress of storing them. They can be sized in any WORD or Photoshop type program and they can be merged with other digi stamps (if in PNG format).  That being said, I print my images on the same paper I use for my stamps images IF I am going to color with copics. You MUST be particular with the paper you use for copics not only to get the effect you want, but also to protect those marker nibs!  I use a Brother Black/White only LASER printer.  I never get smudges from the laser and can color my images immediately. See my Pinterest page for instructions on how to work with digis alone or how to merge them HERE

Q: What about DIGI PAPER?  How do you print that?
A: I just love digital design paper for the same reasons I love the digi stamps.. you can buy a lot and not have to worry about the storage!  I print my digi paper on an INKJET printer... After researching many printer options, I settled on this because all research said that while a laser is cool, it does NOT provide the vivid and detailed color that an Inkjet can provide... so that saved me money as most of us have a color inkjet at home.  I use HP Bright White Inkjet Paper (from Staples) 8.5"x 11", 24lb and "97" brightness. Again, after researching,  learned this paper most reproduces the weight of good design paper... I am very pleased with the results.  You may  have to wait a minute once the paper prints when using very saturated patterns, but it cuts and layers just beautifully.See my Pinterest page for instructions on how to work with digis alone or how to merge them HERE

Q: How do you package and/or send your cards? They can't fit in an ordinary envelope so how do you send or give them away?
A:  I use clear envelope boxes sold HERE at Clearbags - I buy product FB80 and FB83, but they have tons to choose from depending on the size of the cards YOU make.  I mostly make 6" square so I get those a little larger to accomodate borders that make hang off the 6" cards.. They are a little over 6 inches so they will fit items that are attached on your card beyond the 6 inch edge.   The depth is what is important for all those layers and flowers...  and they are 5/8" and 1" deep.  I use the 1" deep boxes for cards with lots of layers and large flowers. Nothing gets crushed in these boxes at all and seeing through them makes a nice presentation. You can wrap a lovely color coordinated ribbon around the box to give as a gift or I often add a small stand like these HERE so the person to whom I am giving them can display them on a stand.

Q: Who designed your blog?
A: My blog was designed by Karen Valentine of Valentine Designs.

Q: How do you photograph your projects? 
A:  I just love the FOLDIO2 small light tent. The light strip is attached and it sets up in seconds and takes the BEST pics. After owning several "light tents" that also required separate lighting, I found this and love it. Makes you look like you are a professional photographer and it gets it right the first time. You can even use your iphone to take pics with it as it has an app to edit photos. I just use my regular inexpensive camera.   Also, you can check out this tutorial on Splitcoast Stampers is HERE.  After uploading my pics to my computer, I edit with Photoshop Elements program. I am a novice at that so I only tweak the "levels" or and crop my image.  I love learning to take better pics and I highly recommend adding some "props" to your projects such as some of the very items you used to make it... ribbon, pearls, tulle etc.  See my Pinterest page for more tips on photographing your cards HERE

My Favorite Resources
1. Kit and CLowder- online copic, watercolor and pencil classes. Fabulous tutorials and pdf instructions. Great support and forum for sharing with others.
2.  Make It Crafty Manuals -print manuals available in pdf format. Downloadable and printable.$$

3. I Like Markers (Marianne Walker- Product Director for Copic Markers)- Extensive beginner, intermediate and advanced online material, blank images and step-by-step tutorials. Free

4.  Copic Coloring Guide by Colleen Shaan- Book $$

5.  Copic Coloring Guide Level 2 Nature- by Colleen Shaan

6.  Copic Markers- Shadow and Shading  (Advanced) by Marianne Walker - Book $$

7.  Coloring Techniques for Cardmaking - Copics/Pencils/Ink Markers by DRG Publishing - Book $$

8. Ann Marie Governale Pinterest:  Lots of Online Tutorials to repin or view (not my tutorials but ones that are extremely helpful) - Free:

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